Social Media has Forced me to put too much Pressure on Myself

This is a tough topic. I will start by saying I had an eye-opening conversation with my best friend the other day about how social media has impacted me in the past two years. I wish I could say that it has been a positive impact, but to be honest - it has forced me to put way too much pressure on myself.

My goal in having a social media account is to be inspiring, post motivational things & hopefully educate others about their body. BUT I have a feeling that I may have made others feel the way that I finally admitted to feeling the other day.

I have been lying to myself. I kept telling myself that looking at other people's lives on social media didn't effect me. That seeing their trip to Bali didn't plant a seed of jealousy inside my heart. Or that seeing their perfect, long tan legs on a beach didn't make me wish I was taller or darker. But the truth is, I have wished I had someone else's experiences, dreamt I looked a certain way or challenged myself to practice something just so I could do it the way I saw someone else do it on Instagram. 

And now that I have admitted this... it makes me sad. Sad to think that maybe someone out there has wished they could do something I did or looked a certain way because of what I posted. Sad that our world has come to us scrolling through our phones & putting ourselves down because we don't match up to these photos we double tap. And especially sad that girls/women who are beautiful & kind & loving just the way they are, have told themselves they are not good enough. 

This is why I am committing my social media account now to strictly be something REAL & hopefully educational. I promise you that I will now not only just share the highs, but also the lows. I don't want anyone to believe my life is perfect the way I found myself thinking other people's lives are... & I especially want to post more educational content that will help you in your fitness journey. THAT is what Bodies by H is all about & I am committing myself to being an educator, an encourager & a real person. 

I don't have a photographer follow me everywhere, I don't get free workout clothes & social media is not my full-time job. But I do have a passion for fitness & for encouraging others into making small changes that will lead to a better lifestyle. To me, it's all about health - mentally just as much (& even more!) as physically. And I refuse to allow myself to be brought down by the pressure to be "just as good" as people I have never met. 

I hope this doesn't offend anyone as I have all of the good intentions as I write this. I hope to bring a positive impact to your life & I am now scrolling through my feed with a new-found sense of confidence in who I am. And I hope that you don't wish anything other than the life you have because you are YOU for a reason.

Happy Wednesday friends. 

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