Online Customized Personal Training & Nutrition Program

Online Customized Personal Training & Nutrition Program


This is my way of training individuals outside of my area! Available for individuals of any fitness level. I cannot wait to virtually meet you & get you started on your personal program!


o   3-5 days of workouts/each week (dependent on your goals and schedule)

o   Recipes for 6 days of meals each week (one day open that allows you to eat however you wish, though I don't recommend a "cheat" DAY but maybe a "cheat" meal with a flexible day of eating)

o   Recipes for 1 snack in bulk for each week (meaning a recipe that you make at the beginning of the week that gives you a snack for each day that week: example: protein balls, trail mix, oat bars, etc)

o   Videos for exercises you may not be comfortable with

o   Accountability through emails, texting or FaceTime messaging 

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