The Female's Ultimate Guide to Fitness

The Female's Ultimate Guide to Fitness


Browse the preview pages to get a glimpse of what is inside this eBook. It includes:

  • 4 full weeks of workouts 
  • a glossary of over 60 exercises
  • a recovery (stretching) section
  • 35 delicious, "clean eating" recipes &
  • a monthly calendar guide

This program is unique & individualized to YOU as it is based off of your hormone levels. By tracking your monthly female cycle, you are able to know what day of the month you should be doing what workouts (ex: day 1 of the guide is day 1 of your cycle, not the first day of the month). Due to the flexibility & personalization of this program, it is not just 4 weeks, it is a LIFETIME guide!! 

Click HERE to view a video of me sharing more information on the book! 



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