The "P" Philosophy 6-Week Meal Plan

The "P" Philosophy 6-Week Meal Plan


Helen guides you into a well-balanced meal plan that explores the "fad diets." Her ebook is a 6-week meal plan that plays off of the letter "P" - having each week change the type of foods you are eating depending on its theme. It includes grocery lists for each week, a dessert list, snack options & each meal has the exact ingredients & directions for how to make it.

Week Overview: 

1 ~ Purify: Based on simple, “clean” recipes

2 ~ Planted: A week of a plant-based diet: no grains, meat or dairy

3 ~ Protein: Similar to a “paleo” diet 

4 ~ Portions: Contains 5 small “meals” daily to help boost your metabolism 

5 ~ Painted: Recipes filled with colors – beets & purple cabbage included! 

6 ~ Play: Your turn to modify recipes to better meals for your taste

This meal plan will not only challenge you through 6 weeks of eating well, but will also teach you the importance of maintaining this type of diet after the plan is completed. 

Take this 6-week challenge & expand your pallet! 


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